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Targeted Leads/Accounts Plans

Generate Targeted Leads and Companies (Accounts) are the first vital step to the success of the sales process. 
You need to reach a specific industry, or even to build the Buying Group following an inquiry by one Contact from a Company, the  team will work generate it for you. 
The LeaDeal Plans have constructed to provide your marketing and sales team the right leads to engage with and to increase the conversion rate. 

The plans start as low as US$340/Month

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Engagements Process

Engagement is the first step in any sales procedure, to get an action from a Contact (Lead) is essential to generate business and sales. 
In most cases, the Sales team are too occupied with the sales process, and your marketing team has too much on their plate to increase engagements. 
Our Plans have built in order to provide your team push and support in the process to create engagements. 
The plans start as low as US$1,150 and including the lead generation, direct engagements through an automation process to create the awareness and trust, besides of follow up calls by our Inside Sales to build the first relationship and to set up the Discovery meeting. 

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Email Automation Plans 

It's 2019, Email automation is not another email or newsletter every few weeks or a month, the requirements for personalization took another step, and now as a Marketer, we should create a message which is relevant to the Contact, his position, and his needs, not the needs of the company BUT needs of the Contact. 
You got an inquiry from a Company, in the market today, you need to generate the contacts that will be in this
Buying Group and to start nurturing each one of them with their Point of Trigger (PoT). 

With LeaDeal Plans, which start as low as $780, you can choose which stage on your Full Funnel you would like to enhance and to increase conversion, to create more awareness on the same company or to build the trust with the specific Contact. 

THE LeaDeal Terms and Pricing 

THE LeaDeal Plans have built to provide our client with maximum flexibility and transparency in the process. 
Every one of our clients has other needs to generate engagements, build trust and structure the relationship with the prospects to push the sales in the Full Funnel ( Marketing Funnel and Sales Funnel), up to the closing deal. 


LeaDeal Plans Terms and Pricing: 

  1. No Commitments, Month-Month. 

  2. Change and Adjust the channels, tactics, and methods on a weekly or monthly basis according to your needs and hand-hand with THE RiCH's team

  3. Upgrade or downgrade per your requirements as for the upcoming month. 

  4. Leads/Contacts/Accounts Classification Document will structure at the set-up time and may change during the work and per needs. 

  5. Documents, emails, leads, and information in which will be created during the time will be shared with the company for further uses in the future.