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THE No.1 goal of our agency is to work with our Clients to increase engagements with Targeted Contacts, B2B Accounts (Companies) on every stage of the Marketing & Sales Funnel to convert to Lead (opportunities) and to sales. 
We aren’t in the business of just stacked more Leads into your CRM.

Instead, with our unique and proven methodology, is to work with you to build and execute an Inbound Marketing Machine, from the strategy, throughout the tactics and to generating and nurturing process and up to engagements to the closing phase and revenue.  

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Nurture Marketing Plans

The secret sauce of Nurture Marketing is the personalization, in several engagement levels, type of tactics and stages on the Full Funnel (Sales and Marketing). 
With multiple channels and so many messages, nurturing is crucial to the process, Contacts need various messages in several channels to activate the PoT ( Point of Trigger)
The Nurturing Plans have built to provide our Client with the ability to nurture a specific procedure(s) in the Full Funnel, and by that to increase Conversion rate and revenue. 


Engagement Tactics Plans 


THE RiCH.agency Inbound Marketing has built plans which fit any type of and size of business. 


Create a flow of engagements with Contacts is one of the most significant steps in the process to move the lead (Opportunity) in the Sales Cycle. 
Engagement can be any specific interaction created by the Contact, and retain the Contact with the Brand's awareness, and the product features and advantages.



THE RiCH.agency Inbound Marketing had built plans which fit any type and size of business. 


With over 15 years experience in the market we understand the needs of Digital Marketing in the market today, however, not every Enterprise Software company or SaaS or e-commerce should use other sets of marketing channels, which can be based on the needs, the company strategy and the goals.